Minimizing Exploit(s) That Hijack The Persistence Of Tx-Sender

Keywords are a key part of, well, any programming language. And Clarity, the language behind secured-by-Bitcoin Stacks, much like other blockchain programming languages, is no different. However, what is different is that avoiding or lightly using keywords in other languages is not a deal-breaker (at least not in the early…

The One Overflowing With Numerical Talent

Quick Intro

The point of this series, specifically the focus of polymaths in their 20s, is to highlight the fact that there’s hardly a secret behind the most Herculean historical figures: daily habits compound & our twenties is the first decade where these life-long habits are consciously & deliberately selected. …

Or How To Start The Product Design Journey Aligned As A Team

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The starting point for the entire SetDesign product design process, the very first deliverable, is none other than the Competitor & Inspiration Analysis. While it’s a design deliverable pieced together by a single designer, it’s paramount that all stakeholders/teammates participate as the exercise is absolutely communal & collaborative. …

Jesus Najera

Owner @ SetDesign, NightKnight & CryptoSpace | Product Designer | Hobbyist Mathematician | VR Developer | MS in Finance @ UF

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