The One Overflowing With Numerical Talent

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The point of this series, specifically the focus of polymaths in their 20s, is to highlight the fact that there’s hardly a secret behind the most Herculean historical figures: daily habits compound & our twenties is the first decade where these life-long habits are consciously & deliberately selected. …

A Framework For Defining Geometric Objects In Space

Tensors Are The Facts Of The Universe — Lillian Lieber

As the popular saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention — and when it comes to math, nature never ceases to provide us with a source for this necessity. …

The One That Radiated Her Way To x2 Nobel Prizes

First Principle: Never Let One’s Self Be Beaten Down By Persons Or Events

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When history judges a legacy it over-weighs the tail-end of ones journey, often overlooking key starting circumstances — our tiny sample of polymaths is no different. …

Outlining User Types & Preparing User Stories

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What Came First The Product Or The Community?

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & the early 00–10s startups reasonably argue that the product created a medium for a community to come together & flourish; yet the most recent decade of startups would likely present evidence that a community exists prior to a…

Searching For The Mandelbrot In Higher Dimensions

Previously, we covered the history & the basics of iterating complex numbers in hopes of generating fractals. Starting from scratch with Julia Sets, we worked our way through defining & plotting the eminent Mandelbrot Set — arriving at the ground-breaking heart of fractal geometry:

The Mandelbrot Set Is A Dictionary…

Shaping The Early Community & Understanding Their Needs

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Undoubtedly, one of the hardest lessons any product veteran learns from launching countless projects is that the fastest way to guarantee failure is by building something that no one cares about. …

The One Chained To The Ground Yet Gazing At The Stars

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The Greatest Wisdom Is To Get To Know Oneself

Today, we take the authority associated with the world of science for granted; in the 16th-century, however, there was perhaps no other institution on the planet that held a monopoly on ideas & truths quite like the Church. …

How Nontechnical Founders Can De-Risk A Startup

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A product is destined to fail or succeed before a single line of code is ever written. …

Or How To Start The Product Design Journey Aligned As A Team

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The starting point for the entire SetDesign product design process, the very first deliverable, is none other than the Competitor & Inspiration Analysis. While it’s a design deliverable pieced together by a single designer, it’s paramount that all stakeholders/teammates participate as the exercise is absolutely communal & collaborative. …

From Gaston Julia to Benoit Mandelbrot

Captivated by the motion of waves & mesmerized by the perfectly-imperfect symmetry of leaves, it’s crystal-clear we’re a pattern-seeking species. Externally, studies have proven that we use patterns to weigh our environment of danger — a disruption in our daily routine (particularly back in hunter-&-gather societies) signals to our conscious…

Jesus Najera

Owner @ SetDesign, NightKnight & CryptoSpace | Product Designer | Hobbyist Mathematician | VR Developer | MS in Finance @ UF

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